About Sterin Laboratories


Sterin laboratories Corporation (Sterin) products were developed with the vision of "Cleaning and Protecting" by providing value added consumable products and services in global health care environments. We offer a complete line of hospital sterilization, such as high quality enzymatic detergents, high-level disinfectants/sterilants, surface disinfectants, liquid medical waste disposal products, hand hygiene products and linen desinfectant. Our products are specifically designed for hospitals, group medical practices, outpatient clinics, emergency medical services, dental services, laboratories, veterinary clinics, academic facilities, and other medical facilities.

Founded in year 2000, Sterin is a division of Sterin Inv Corporation. Our headquarter is located in Jakarta, Indonesia and our 50,000-square-feet state-of-the-art manufacturing facility is located in Bandung, Indonesia. Our products facilitate the delivery of quality patient care by minimizing operational costs, improving outcomes and increasing regulatory compliance.